TRiP (Company Limited by Guarantee No 06123019) is an environmental projects delivery organisation offering practical solutions to sustainable development in the field of waste and recycling for the transport sector.

TRiP’s vision is to support the transport industry with new ways to improve its environmental and social impact by working with it on zero waste and recycling initiatives that create employment and training opportunities in the community.

TRiP’s objectives are the development of:

•improved waste materials analysis, collection and disposal standards

•reprocessing techniques for previously un-recyclable materials streams

           industry wide waste management efficiencies

Robert Taylor, TRiP Project Director said, “Redirecting train and bus seat covers from landfill and incineration may seem a small contribution to the waste issues facing society. It does however have the power to inspire and educate people, changing their perception of waste.

The transformation of this wasted resource into desirable products is therefore a step in the right direction. It provides income for TRiP and the means to research other waste streams and develop techniques to minimise them, thus contributing to a ‘virtuous circle’ of sustainable waste management.”

Sir Moir Lockhead OBE, Chief Executive of FirstGroup said, “We are delighted to be supporting TRiP in this imaginative and innovative initiative to find new and sustainable uses for materials that the transport industry has traditionally thrown away to landfill or incinerated.  The support for TRiP is part of FirstGroup’s commitment to sustainability and part of its waste management programme which, combined with First’s industry leading Climate Change Strategy, will contribute to reducing our bus and rail operations’ impact on the environment.

We hope that the good work done by TRiP will inspire and educate others to change their perception of waste and look again at the materials in all of our personal and working lives which we throw away when they still could provide a service to us.”